Generation Texas Week

Generation Texas Week
Posted on 11/08/2019
Texas flagWe are excited to be celebrating Generation Texas Week with our students here at Larkspur. We will discuss and celebrate future career and college options for our students while having fun with our 1st annual College & Career Float Parade!

What the week will look like:

Monday- Our Future is Bright! Wear brightly colored clothing and Sunglasses

Tuesday- Dress for Success! Dress in what you want to be when you grow up

Wednesday- Work Toward Your Goal! Wear workout clothes to show you're working towards your goal

Thursday- Hats off to success! Wear your favorite college, career, or military hat

Friday- Show your spirit! Wear your college or military gear! Float parade day! 

For the float parade: We ask that the student create the float out off a shoe box. The tiny float can display the child's favorite college, university or career. Have fun! ( Child can also make a small poster if he/she chooses)