Note from the Registrar

Attendance notes and information
Posted on 01/14/2020

Regular school attendance is essential for a student to make the most of his or her education. Here are some things to remember regarding student attendance.


Our tardy bell rings at 7:45. Students arriving later than 7:45 will be coded as tardy.


Our attendance bell rings at 8:45. Any student arriving later than 8:45 will be coded as absent for the entire day.


All absences are documented as unexcused until verification is received from the parent/guardian by the school registrar.


Notes must be received within 48 hours of a student’s return to school.


When submitting an absence note, please include the following:

  • Student Name (legal) & Student ID
  • Student Grade
  • Date of Absence(s)
  • Reason for Absence
  • Attach Doctor/Dentist notes, if applicable


Attendance notes can now be emailed as well. Our email is



When looking at your child’s attendance history on Home Access Center (HAC), please know that the red and green colors indicate whether we get funding for that absence or not. It doesn’t indicate excused/unexcused.